Gravity Rolfing works.
Here are the unedited words of clients:

For years I struggled with a lower back problem that was so severe I couldn’t walk for days at a time. I saw doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists... Multiple doctors actually wanted to operate on my back! When I finally tried Rolfing I not only nearly eradicated the pain in the short term, but I also learned a tremendous amount about my body, how the different components work together, and how to keep that pain from coming back. This educational component is one thing that makes Rolfing special. Ellie has a gift in healing, in teaching, and in Rolfing, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal, to learn about their bodies, or both.
— Otto H. Boulder, CO

"Ellie Childs was my Rolfer in NYC during the winter of 2014. I had been Rolfed before in Oregon and Maine and NYC by well known practitioners. Every Rolfing experience is different. What Ellie provided for me is a subtle intuitive strength. She gave an energy of hope and love that my body absorbed while my mind had to let go to receive it. In addition to that I believe Ellie has a psychological depth and would recommend her if you need someone who understands sorrow as well as technical skill".

— Isabel T. NYC

Getting rolfed by Ellie is exactly what I have always hoped for and never gotten from a massage. The pressure is in the sweet spot between therapeutic and relaxing. When you get up off of the table your body feels so light and at ease. She has great ways of explaining what you are doing wrong with your posture and body movement in ways that make sense, while giving feedback on more healthy ways of holding your body that you can visualize. Each time I walk out of a session with Ellie feeling happy and healthy.
— Sophie C. San Diego, CA

I have been lucky enough to receive 6 or 7 rolfing sessions from Ellie Childs. Out of the four certified Rolf Institute trained practitioners I have known over the past 20 years, she is, in most ways, my favorite.  The many sports- related injuries she's had have given her an extraordinarly intuitive ability to know wherein lies the problem and what to do about it. Because she knows pain intimately, she is very careful about other's sensitivity levels.  Her work is quiet (so important--she will be focused on you, not her story) and highly effective.

I twisted my spine being rolled in a big wave several years ago and was suffering chronic right sacral pain. Two different chiropractors, another Rolfer, and several Massage Therapists worked on me.  I would have some good temporary results, but nothing lasting.  Over the course of two weeks Ellie sorted it out and it has been fine since. THANK YOU!!!

She is also good company, funny, warm wise, non-judgemental and an evolved communicator.  Go, meet the new Rolfer on your island. Have fun, get well!!! Yay!!

Anne E. San Diego, CA